About ACT

It was found that ACT's funding has made a difference because support from ACT is seen as an endorsement of the recipient's work and can be used to attract other funding.
Funding from ACT boosts other forms of support, and in the case of some small initiatives, allows them to develop to a point where they can network with other partners and create synergies that make them stronger and reduce their vulnerability.
ACT's funding of organisational costs (including audits) has enabled organisations to later approach other funders with a good financial system in place, making the process of accessing funding more efficient.
ACT's multi-year funding has enabled some fledging organisations to grow and develop - in some cases, from a one-person initiative to an organisation; in other cases, to expand the organisation's reach and impact.
ACT's funds have supported training programmes and the transfer of skills to trainees who might later be offered employment; they have enabled development of materials that benefit schools, curriculum developers, libraries and other organisations.
New skills have been developed in both adults and children.
The transfer of skills in administration and management has also been funded. In addition funds have enabled the creation of employment opportunities or the continuation of employment of practitioners.
Many of the activities and/or organisations funded have had an outreach component, ensuring that arts and culture reaches as many communities as possible, as well as bringing disparate ideas and cultures together.
Activities chosen for support added to the vibrancy and dynamism of the sector, both through the support of existing organisations and the support of new, interesting initiatives that might not have developed without support from ACT.