Publicity pitfalls to dodge

Publicity pitfalls to dodge

by The Famous Idea Trading Co –

Too often we see artists consumed by the detail of putting final touches to manuscripts or scores, in the throes of rehearsals or perfecting their sets, but neglecting the most important variable – marketing yourself to a potential audience. Like those familiar hypothetical trees falling in the forest, does our art have an impact if no one is around to witness it?

This reality of the *business* of arts at least gives us a clear priority: A potential audience member needs to know – first and foremost – that your production/event/exhibition is taking place, otherwise you have no chance of getting them there! (more…)

Creating a game-changing dynasty

Creating a game-changing dynasty

by Lebogang Mdlankomo –

One of the meanings of the word dynasty is ‘a bloodline or ancestral line’, and Emmanuel Aboagye’s business Dynisty Entertainment (spelt with an “i”) wants to help groom artists to form part of a successful lineage.

The Dynisty team thrives on motivating artists, as the company’s motto “Inspired people, inspire people” suggests. Music.Com – an online platform they are creating with funding from the Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) and Nedbank Arts Affinity – is designed to help artists build their careers.  (more…)

The past is always with you

The past is always with you

Bongani Kona reviews The Blacks of Cape Town –

Straddling two continents, America and Africa, and shifting between time zones, from the mid-1800’s to 2008, C.A. Davids’s ambitious first novel tells – as the provocative title suggests – the story of three generations of the Black family. Yet it is also so much more than a family history. It explores the madness of apartheid’s racial categories and how they still entangle us and how the past has been whittled down to a fairy tale-like story of saints and sinners devoid of complexity.

At the centre of the 237-page novel is Zara Black; a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Berwick in New Jersey and a third generation offspring of the Black family. Her life starts to unravel when she receives a letter from the South African government naming her late father, Bart, “among the traitors, conspirators and betrayers of their time.” The allegations spur Zara to dig into her family’s past in order to unearth the truth for herself. (more…)

In the face of adversity

by Pieter Jacobs, ACT CEO –

Reading about the Director of Diepsloot Youth Projects, Neftaly Malatje, scooping a R25,000 entrepreneurship award gave me such a thrill.

The Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) and Nedbank Arts Affinity are supporting the upcoming Diepsloot Youth Festival managed by Neftaly and it is reassuring to know that ACT has clearly made the right decision to support this initiative. (more…)

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