by Lebogang Mdlankomo –

One of the meanings of the word dynasty is ‘a bloodline or ancestral line’, and Emmanuel Aboagye’s business Dynisty Entertainment (spelt with an “i”) wants to help groom artists to form part of a successful lineage.

The Dynisty team thrives on motivating artists, as the company’s motto “Inspired people, inspire people” suggests. Music.Com – an online platform they are creating with funding from the Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) and Nedbank Arts Affinity – is designed to help artists build their careers. 

“I’m looking forward to building a platform that will not only give knowledge to others, but also be self-sustaining in the long run,” says Emmanuel. “The site will share content that will equip musicians to think and work entrepreneurially, as well as supporting local artists by promoting and marketing their work to larger audiences.”

Emmanuel says that the people who often get featured are those “that show initiative regardless of their background and resources”. So far, Dynisty has enjoyed working with notable artists Bukani Duba (known as BK) and rock band AROCKalypse. “We help create artists profiles, writing material and recording their first EP, and connect them with producers,” he explains.

With technology changing the industry’s landscape, how people create and consume, Dynisty is finding it necessary to have more tools available to help build artists’ profiles and careers, and hope that Music.Com will help to fill some of the gaps.

Although the platform is still in its early phase, artists could access the information here and engage on topics that affect the entertainment industry, with the idea of improving the way things are. “We need to look ahead, get ideas of working models and apply them in South Africa,” he says. He is also keen to offer hands-on internships to those who are keen on being part of the industry.

Agreeing that the South African scene has grown, both musically and in the online space, Emmanuel thinks the use of online platforms is still a few years behind compared to that of other countries. This pioneer is honoured to be a part of this initiative, however, and says he looks forward to changing the way the game is played here …

This article was commissioned by the Arts & Culture Trust (ACT).