The South African National Youth Orchestra has noticed a shortage of arts administrators and is therefore offering a short term internship. A small stipend, accomodation and catering is supplied. Please send your CV and a motivational letter to by 10 October 2017. More details below:

Orchestras are complicated and have so many components that need to work in order for them to run. One of these is good arts administrators, and not only arts administrators, but arts administrators that know about orchestras. The National Youth Orchestra Foundation identified this as a problem for our industry and we have actively worked to help introduce the next generation of arts administrators to the field. The Foundation runs internship programmes during the year for young individuals who are interested in learning about Arts Administration. The programme covers how Nationals courses are planned, prepared and followed through – enabling the candidate to acquire skills related to the orchestra and its many facets: teamwork, interpersonal and external communication, arts marketing, operations, orchestra management, financial management etc.

To apply, send your CV and the reason why you would want to be part of the Nationals Team 2017 to by 10 October 2017.
Minimum time required to be on the job would be from 5-16 December 2017 in Johannesburg for our orchestra course.