Death by Fundraisers

by Pieter Jacobs, ACT CEO –

When the closing date for funding applications nears it is, without fail, chaotic at the Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) office.

I wondered about this and realised I too am guilty. It is not that I leave an application to the very latest moment possible before I start working on it. In fact, like in the process of preparing any good piece of writing, a proposal needs time to simmer and mature. I procrastinate until the very last moment to ensure it isn’t too long or too short. Or that it isn’t too complicated or too simple; that the request isn’t too much or too little. You get the idea. So, if you are anything like me, you would start long in advance. And so we should. Starting early is one of the advantages fundraisers can give themselves. read more…

Why being ‘Just an Artist’ isn’t enough

by Pieter Jacobs, ACT CEO –

Many artists hate hearing how they cannot only be, well, artists and simply do what artists do. They need to think of themselves as a business.

There are many performers who act as their own managers, run businesses, sometimes have other part-time jobs while also practicing their craft. They are often the ones that are financially successful, have rewarding careers and live stable, sustainable lives. read more…

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